Brian Jonestown Massacre Announce The Release Of New Album 'Revelation' In The UK  On  The 19th May  2014

Brian Jonestown Massacre Announce The Release Of New Album 'Revelation' In The UK On The 19th May 2014

Brian Jonestown Massacre return with their 14th full-length album 'Revelation', which is released on 19th May and will be supported by a full UK tour this July. Ahead of that, BJM will be taking part in Record Store Day on 19th April, releasing album track 'Goodbye (Butterfly)' and exclusively 'Lions Ride Free' as part of a Split 12" on Grey Splattered 180 grm vinyl with The Magic Castles - who are signed to Anton Newcombe's a recordings label, which he set up in 2008 and will be releasing 'Revelation' through. It is the first album that was fully recorded and produced at Anton's recording studio in Berlin.

Named in tribute to the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and his influence in introducing Eastern culture and music into the world of Western rock & roll, Brian Jonestown Massacre formed in San Francisco, California in 1990. They have been essential in the development of the modern U.S. garage scene, and many LA and San Francisco musicians got their start playing with Anton Newcombe, including Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Affectionately known as the Granddaddy of Psyche, Anton Newcombe's influence continues to reach far and wide, and can be heard in the current crop of psyche bands on the UK scene, like The Horrors and Toy.

Between 1990-95, some 40 different members passed through the group's ranks, but their focal point always remained singer/guitarist Anton Newcombe, and those who recorded the Massacre's 1995 shoegazer-influenced debut LP, 'Methodrone'. In 1996, a collection of early recordings, 'Spacegirl' and 'Other Favorites', followed on the bands own Tangible label, and was the first of four Brian Jonestown Massacre LPs to appear that year. Next up was the brilliant, 'Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request', a full-blown homage to the Stones' glorious psychedelic-era excesses. Recorded live in the studio, the grittier 'Take It from the Man!' found the band exploring even broader territory. Finally, the year ended with the release of 'Thank God for Mental Illness', a showcase for strong country and blues leanings.

In 1997, the BJM resurfaced with a new full-length album 'Give It Back!' After signing to TVT, they released 'Strung Out in Heaven' the following year, but the band's own eccentricities kept them from staying on the label. After a few scattered EPs, they returned in 2001 with 'Bravery Repetition and Noise', distributed by Bomp. 'And This Is Our Music' followed in 2003. Despite a continued lack of major distribution, The Brian Jonestown Massacre earned the largest profile of their career in 2004, when the band became the unlikely focus of an award-winning documentary, DIG!, which charted the trials of Newcombe and those of his rival, Courtney Taylor, leader of the Dandy Warhols. The 'We Are the Radio' EP followed in August 2005.

Three years later, having obtained all the releases of his past albums, Anton Newcombe reinvented the band and formed his own label 'a recordings'. His first new album on this label was 'My Bloody Underground', featuring yet another line-up and a hint of shoegaze and noise pop. 'Who Killed Sgt Pepper?' followed shortly after, being made available in streaming format at the end of 2009 and receiving an official release on 27th February, 2010.

The band have toured throughout the years to Australasia, Japan, North America and Europe. In June 2010 they finished a 16 week world tour. In late 2010, Newcombe found premises in Berlin & proceeded to work on building his studio. In August 2011, BJM released worldwide a 2CD compilation of their single releases.

Then, in 2012, BJM released their 13th full-length album 'Aufheben' with tours in Australia, the USA & Europe. 

Now in 2014. The Brian Jonestown Massacre will release Revelation on the 19th May. It features original member Ricky Maymi along with Joachim Alhund (Les Big Byrds), Constatine Karlis (Dimmer), & Ryan Van Kriedt (Asteroid #4). Joachim Alhund (Les Big Byrds) performs the Swedish vocals on opening track 'Vad hands med deem'.

Originally, Anton Newcombe was heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones' psychedelic phase, but his work in the 2000s has expanded into aesthetic dimensions approximating the UK Shoegazing genre of the 1990s and incorporating influences from world music, especially Middle Eastern and Brazilian music.

Following dates in Austin TX headlining The Austin Psych Fest and further dates on the west coast, Brian Jonestown Massacre will embark on an extensive tour of the UK and Europe. Details below.

1. Vad hands med deem
2. What You Isn't
3. Unknown
4. Memory Camp
5. Days, Weeks and Moths
6. Duck and Cover
7. Food For Clouds
8. Second Sighting
9. Memorymix
10. Fist Full Of Bees
11. Nightbird
12. Xibalba
13. Goodbye (Butterfly)

1st July - Roundhouse - London
2nd July - Waterfront - Norwich
3rd July - Anson Rooms - Bristol
4th July - Rescue Rooms - Nottingham
5th July - ABC - Glasgow
6th July - Riverside - Newcastle
7th July - Academy 2 -Birmingham
9th July - Academy 2 -Dublin, Ireland
10th July - Ritz - Manchester
11th July - Cockpit -Leeds
12th July - East Village Arts Club - Liverpool