Cult band The Breeders had the easiest reunion in rock history - sisters Kim and Kelley Deal arranged the comeback by text message while relaxing on a couch.

The Cannonball hitmakers have reformed their early 1990s line-up for a series of shows marking the 20th anniversary of their album Last Splash, which they will perform in full on the tour.

Guitarist Kelley has now opened up about the surprise reunion, insisting she and her twin Kim came up with the idea while chatting on a sofa, and fellow former members Jim MACpherson and Josephine Wiggs agreed as soon as the Deals sent them a cell phone text message.

Kelley tells, "Kim and I were sitting on the couch in my house, and I don't know why I mentioned it but I said, 'You know, next year is the 20th anniversary of Last Splash'. And she said, 'Oh, really?' (and I said) 'Yes.' (She said) 'Well, what would we do to celebrate that?' (and I said) 'I don't know; maybe we could do a show, maybe play the album or something.'

"And that sort of led to, 'Who do we play with?' We just did a quick text to Jim and Josephine to see if they'd even be interested in pursuing the idea of 'something' - it was very vague. And they were both like, 'Yes!,' immediately. So that got us going."