The Bravery knew they had finally made it as rock 'n' roll stars when they were ferried to their support slot for Duran Duran in Birmingham, England last month (MAY05) by helicopter.

The AN HONEST MISTAKE hitmakers revelled in the luxurious experience, even though the strippers and cocaine needed to fully create the ultimate rock 'n' roll cliche were sadly lacking.

Keyboardist JOHN CONWAY says, "None of us had been in a helicopter before, so we were all very excited. Ours came very well stocked - with leather seats, a very nice gentleman pilot and a bottle of Bordeaux underneath every seat."

And the return journey proved to be just as lavish as the outward leg.

Conway continues, "Our second helicopter was actually the same one as before, only stocked with more Bordeaux. I was kind of hoping for a lady pilot - I've heard women make better pilots and, being American, the female English accent is very comforting.

"Watching the countryside go by was pretty amazing. We didn't have cocaine or strippers in our helicopter, but it was pretty much as close to being big rock stars as we've come."

15/06/2005 02:52