Electro-rockers The Bravery chose their name after being inspired by the tough attitude of their fellow New Yorkers in the wake of the September 11 (01) terrorist attacks.

The HONEST MISTAKE stars witnessed the horrific events centred around the World Trade Center - and were impressed by the incredible resilience of people in the face of such horror.

But frontman Sam Endicott, 25, is keenly aware of the grim reality that fresh attacks could be launched at any time - and he named his band The Bravery to inspire people to beat their fears and stay positive.

He explains, "The name is connected with living in New York in this really weird time. People in New York are constantly waiting for something bad to happen.

"I wrote these songs and formed this band to make sure I didn't get overcome by that sense of fear.

"This is what this band is about - standing tall and not being afraid."

13/05/2005 13:42