The Bourne Identity star Matt Damon has laughed off persistent rumours his close friend George Clooney is homosexual. Damon, who stars alongside Clooney in OCEAN'S ELEVEN and its sequels, finds the speculation over the hunk's sexuality ridiculous, and insists there is no truth behind it - although he can't resist making a joke at Clooney's expense. He says, "I thought I'd heard all the gossip, although people always think all actors are gay. "It was the same for me and BEN (AFFLECK) when we were doing Good Will Hunting. There was a lot of talk we were gay, and I didn't respond to it. I just thought, 'F**k you!' Why give rumours any credence? "A lot of movie stars have a feminine quality, but George is a man's man - although so was (1950s actor) Rock Hudson, right?!"