The Blackout Album 'Hope' Released 4th April 2011 On Cooking Vinyl

The Blackout Album 'Hope' Released 4th April 2011 On Cooking Vinyl

Hope is the preserve of the foolish and the brave, the light at the end of the tunnel and the ball and chain that leaves reality inescapable. 'Hope', the new album by Welsh pop-bruisers The Blackout, is just that - except it sounds killer at ear-bleeding volume.

"The title came up a lot when we were looking through the lyrics," says Sean Smith, "and we saw the recurring theme of the double meaning."

"It's a strong emotion," agrees Gavin Butler, "because the word itself has a sadness to it. But the album is about pushing forward and keeping your head high."

'Hope', produced by Jason Perry (McFly, KIGH) is the work of a band re-energised. Having taken matters into their own hands and enlisting the help of the 'Riot Squad', the band funded the recording of this, their third album via Pledge which in turn opened new doors in terms of labels.

Having signed with Cooking Vinyl (Prodigy, Marilyn Manson) on a worldwide deal at the beginning of 2011, The Blackout are looking forward to leaping to the next level with a label that shares their independent-minded philosophy and one which was enthusiastic about 'Hope' from the very beginning.