The Black Crowes guitarist RICH ROBINSON has asked fans to stop blaming Kate Hudson for frontman Chris Robinson's decision to place the band on hiatus in early 2002. The Wiser Time rockers reformed following a three-year break in 2005, during which time both Robinson brothers released solo albums. And Rich insists that it doesn't matter whether Chris' then-wife Hudson encouraged him to leave The Black Crowes or not - as it was ultimately his decision. Rich tells the February/March (08) issue of U.S. magazine Relix, "At the end of the day, Chris made his own decision. Whatever influence Kate had or didn't have, it was his decision to stop. "You can't blame her for that. I don't know what she did or said - or if she did anything. It was something he brought to us." The Black Crowes release their first album in seven years, Warpaint, in March (08).