The Birds star Tippi Hedren is set to take on America's most menacing big cat breeders again - years after their death threats turned her into a virtual recluse.
The actress mother of Melanie Griffith, who runs a wild animal sanctuary in rural California, admits she hid a terrible secret from fans, friends and family for years when brutal tiger and lion owners threatened to kill her if she didn't stop campaigning against their illegal trade.
She tells America's Globe magazine she even called in the FBI at one point, recalling, "They advised me not to leave my home without a police escort... I was told I was costing some serious people a lot of money."
But Hedren insists she can't hide away while so many people are turning big cats' lives into a misery of cages and confinement.
She adds, "I'm going to take these people on again. The time is right to end this trade."