The Birds star Tippi Hedren is desperate for acting work - because she's broke.
The 78-year-old admits she's sunk so much cash into her big cat wildlife preserve Shambala in California, she has none left for herself.
The actress tells America's the Globe, "I'm broke - I need to work." Despite the impression that she's a well-off Hollywood star. Hedren insists she has given a vast fortune to Shambala, which she founded in 1983.
And she adds, "I've never taken any money away from the animals and I've never been paid on any level."
Hedren's advisors have urged her to give up the sanctuary and retire from acting - so she can live off the meagre funds she has left, but she can't imagine an inactive life.
She snarls, "I've read studies on what happens to people when they retire and it's a short life."
Hedren admits even her daughter, actress Melanie Griffith, thinks it's time for mum to stop playing with the big cats: "My daughter for years has said, `Why don't you just give it up? I'll buy you a house.'
"I said, `No, I love my little house at the preserve and I love hearing the lions.'"