LATEST: Gangster JOHN GOTTI's daughter VICTORIA has clarified reports she secretly battled breast cancer, insisting she only had a "scare".

Reports recently emerged that the blonde socialite hid the condition while filming the latest season of her US reality show GROWING UP GOTTI.

But she now reveals that she underwent treatment to fight intraductular carcinoma in situ, which could have developed into cancer if left untreated.

During an appearance on US chat show The Big Idea yesterday (22AUG05), Gotti explained to host Donny Deutsch, "I had what can be best termed as a scare... I basically went for my mammogram, like everybody should, and... I got that call back that every woman dreads; that there was a change and there was a problem.

"What was explained to me at the time was that this condition that I was diagnosed as having, if left untreated could at any time - three months, three years - develop into breast cancer...

"Normally they'd send you home and say, 'Watch it, keep an eye on it. Come back twice a year for your mammograms instead of once.' I chose to be aggressive. I had surgery. And I feel great. I am 1,000 per cent well."

Gotti, who learned of her condition in November (04), only shared details of her health scare with her family on Friday (19AUG05), after a reporter informed her that her secret battle had been found out.