The cast of The Big Chill reunited in Toronto, Canada over the weekend (07-08Sep13) to celebrated the film classic's 30th anniversary.

Glenn Close, Kevin Kline, Tom Berenger and their co-stars took to the red carpet at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, to mark the special occasion at the festival where the movie was named the People's Choice Award winner in 1983.

Director Lawrence Kasdan told film fans who had gathered for a special screening with the cast, "One thing that's been amazing to me - this movie's been available in your living room for 30 years, and yet you all came out tonight. I really appreciate it... You'll have no trouble recognising the cast as they haven't changed a bit."

Jeff Goldblum and William Hurt were not in attendance, while Don Galloway passed away in 2009.

Close, Kline and Berenger, who stuck around for the screening, were given a standing ovation as the film's end credits rolled.