Latino rap trio The Beatnuts have lashed out at Jennifer Lopez in their album - accusing the stunning singer of illegally sampling one of their tunes.

The New York group were horrified when they heard J.LO's 2002 hit JENNY FROM THE BLOCK - claiming the beauty had lifted the bassline from their 1999 song WATCH OUT NOW.

The group fume, "She sampled us, but didn't give us any credit.

"It's not about the money. Jenny From The Block is our record. They are fooling nobody. Everyone knows it's a Beatnuts song."

In their forthcoming single CONFUSED RAPPERS - MC JERRY 'JUNKYARD JUJU' TINEO raps, "You know you haven't been to the block for a minute/ Getting all the little Latin girls to bite/ When you really can't sing and you're no SALMA HAYEK."

30/06/2004 02:51