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The Basement;
I Just Caught A Face
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The Basement I Just Caught A Face Single

For a band that was buzzing around at the same time the likes of The Music, The Coral, The Bandits and The Stands were all unleashing their debut ponderings upon the indie world, The Basement has a lot of catching up to do. 'I Just Caught A Face' adds a splash of The Byrds-esque instrumental flavour, to The Basement's proud Dylan base, providing for a promising prelude to their long overdue debut album, entitled 'Illicit Hugs and Playground Thugs' (released 17/07/2006).

The bluesy rambling vocal range of John Mullin helps the band to bear out life, in this parade of their downtrodden look at life and lost love. The playful guitars help to steer the track away from the far too serious category and does enough to garner interest in their belated debut album. Also, it helps to show it why The Zutons were supporting them a few years ago. How things have changed, eh?

Rating 8/10

David Adair

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