Country music group The Band Perry has joined forces with a cupcake company to create a delicious treat inspired by one of the band's tracks.

The trio, siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry, teamed up with bakers at Gigi's Cupcakes for the Very Perry Chocolate Cherry cupcake, which was named after lyrics from their song I'm A Keeper.

Lead singer Kimberly says, "When we heard that we might have a Gigi's cupcake named after us, we knew right away what the flavour would be. There is a song on our new album that has a line in it that says, 'I'm gonna change my name to Cherry...' so we decided that the cupcake had to be some kind of a cherry cupcake."

The musicians had great fun picking out the final flavour for their baked treat as Neil explains, "When Gigi brought the cupcakes by for us to taste them, she provided two cherry versions for us to sample and then offer our opinions on. I really couldn't tell after trying the first one, so I had to eat several just to make sure. You know, quality control and all."

Company founder Gina 'Gigi' Butler adds, "I'm so excited to be working with The Band Perry. They are very talented and we had a blast creating the Very Perry Chocolate Cherry cupcake. Our fans are going to love it - just as much as Kimberly, Reid and Neil do!"

The band's cupcake creation will be sold in Gigi's Cupcakes stores across the U.S. each Friday and Saturday throughout April (13).