As The Bachelorette finale reaches ever nearer, fans of the show are beginning to ramp up their speculation over who will win Emily Maynard's affections. This week, the bachelorette had to meet the in-laws. The parents of the four remaining contestants all got to vet Emily and vice versa, of course. Sadly, only three of those bachelors went through to the final round and despite having a pleasant time with Chris and his folks in Chicago, Emily kissed him goodbye.
Chris didn't take the news well and was filmed seething in his cab ride home, saying "I'm ten times the man all those *bleeping* dudes that are still there are," he said. "I loved the girl. I thought she loved me back." With Chris out of the picture, that just leaves Sean, Arie and Jef to battle it out in the final. It's a close call when it comes to guessing who the victor might be in the final episode. The season finale will see Emily take the three men to the Caribbean island of Curacao, where they'll have one last-ditch attempt at convincing her that they are marriage material.
Emily's not just looking for a husband though; she has a daughter to consider, too so she's on the hunt for a father figure - someone that's prepared to take both her and her child on. Previous contestants have already fallen foul of Emily by referring to her daughter as baggage so these guys will have to watch what they say. Could it be that Jef has inched himself ahead of the race with his heartfelt love letter? Have Arie's family ruined his chances by nattering in Dutch when they met Emily? Maybe Sean sealed the deal with that final kiss in the limo this week? The final episode of The Bachelorette is aired on Monday July 9, 2012.