The latest episode of hit dating show The Bachelorette marked the visits of spinster Emily Maynard, to the hometowns of her four potential suitors still in the competition. As viewers familiar with the show will already know, these meet-and-greets with the family can tend to be a breaking point for most potential grooms.
Following a reunion with her daughter Ricki, Emily's first stop off was in Chicago, home of suitor number one, Chris and his family. Although his sisters showed some concern that their brother may get hurt, the word from his parents were all positive, with his mother even stating that he needs to fight for his woman! Next stop was Utah to see suitor number two, Jef, who after taking Em on a tour of his family's ranch, went shooting with her in a bid to calm their nerves. It was then time to meet Jef's siblings and their other halves, as well as his nieces and nephews - his parents were not around because they were away on missionary duties. After a grilling from the present family members, Emily was all but given the green light by the Jef clan, which meant it was time to fly to Scottsdale, Arizona for a grilling from Arie's family and then to Dallas for Sean.
To cut a long story short, the rose this week went to Chris, who was visibly shocked to find that he had been given his marching orders. Who knows who'll be next for the boot?