EMILY MAYNARD, a former winner on reality-show 'The Bachelor', has broken her silence surrounding the controversial 'The Bachelorette' contestant Bentley Williams. EMILY MAYNARD recently split from her fiance Brad Womack and returned the engagement ring he presented her with on season fifteen of the hit dating show, reports People Magazine.

Current 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert was stunned during Monday's show, when Bentley left the reality series citing his disappointment that Maynard wasn't the star of this year's programme. However, Emily doesn't believe the businessman would have acted differently had she agreed to be 'The Bachelorette', saying, "He clearly had an agenda for being on the show, and it wasn't to fall in love. It's hard for me to believe that someone could be that hurtful and just mean spirited". Eight million viewers tuned in to witness Bentley embarrass Hebert by acrimoniously leaving the series. Speaking after the exit, Ashley said, "I'm extremely humiliated. He had intentions to really hurt me - and he did". However, Maynard believes what goes around comes around, saying, "If I were Bentley, I would certainly be sleeping with one eye open".

EMILY MAYNARD fuelled rumours she had split from Womack after being spotted in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina without her engagement ring. The couple's relationship was reportedly strained with Womack living in Austin, Texas, and Maynard raising her 5-year-old daughter in Charlotte.