Arie Luyendyk from 'The Bachelorette' has found himself in hot water with the show's star Emily Maynard, after it emerged that he used to date her primary handler/producer on the programme, Cassie Lambert. During a preview for next week's episode, Maynard is clearly not happy with the revelations and sits down with Arie for a chat, reports the Examiner.

Arie has been a frontrunner on this year's show since the beginning, though it could be all over for the contestant, after it emerged that he dated Cassie several years ago and has remained friends ever since. The producer is now engaged, and will marry soon, though Maynard still feels hurt and speculation over how Luydenyk found himself on the show is beginning to intensify. It is known that Emily did not know about Arie and Cassie's past relationship throughout much of the taping of this year's show, and industry insider Reality reveals that Maynard was furious at production after finding out about the relationship somewhere between a taping in Prague and the hometown shows. His sources indicate that Arie was advised not to bring up the romance, and that it was already taken care of with Emily.

During Monday's show (June 18, 2012), Emily had admitted that she held Arie in higher regard than several of the other contestants, though it is not clear how the latest revelations will affect his chances.