the bachelor aired its "Women Tell All" episode on Monday evening (March 5, 2012), with the rejected contestants regrouping to discuss what went wrong during their time on the show. However, finalist Courtney Robertson was brought in at the last minute to add extra spice to the affair.
The episode took a predictable turn, with Robertson blasted by her former co-stars for plotting against them. She was photographed trying on a wedding dress in Beverly Hills last week, fuelling speculation that she has already won the competition. The Los Angeles Times added weight to the rumors after one of their reporters stayed after the 'Women Tell All' episode and caught sight of Courtney getting upset, only to be comforted by a producer. As the microphones were still on, the journalist was privy to the conversation, with Courtney saying, "I don't know if I can show that emotion again" - the producer replied, "You have to.This is for you.This is for you and Ben".