Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson have revealed, in the series finale of the bachelor, what it was that led to them breaking up and getting back together after the show had finished filming. Although Ben has been painted as the bad guy in the media recently, for allegedly kissing other women, it was in fact Courtney's behaviour in the earlier rounds of the show that caused a rift between the pair.
Ben, of course, hadn't been party to the behaviour that quickly led her to become demonised by her rivals on the show. It wasn't long before Courtney's reputation made her universally disliked by the show's viewers at home, as well. On last night's retrospective (March 12, 2012), Courtney walked on set "to the sound of booing," reports People Magazine, who describe her as "seething with emotion." Talking about her behaviour in the early rounds, she admits that she let her competitive edge get the better of her, saying "I feel definitely responsible. It's a really hard situation living in a house with 25 women all dating the same guy. It's just a very unnatural situation to be in, and it brought out the worst in me."