the bachelor has managed to pack a lot of seasons into its ten years - 16 to be precise - as well as spreading to other spin-offs including 'The Bachelorette' and international versions in the UK and Canada. However the original itself seems to be in poor health with the most recent season in the US drawing to a close last night with the lowest finale ratings it's ever had in its decade long history. Uh oh.
Seattle PI reports that Monday's two-hour long finale saw 9.1 million viewers tune in to find out who the final rose had been given to, with a mere 2.9 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic. This figure was down nearly 40 per cent on the previous series finale in March of last year to mark an all-time for the program. ABC="" were="" quaking="" even="" further="" at="" the="" site="" of="" bachelor:="" after="" final="" rose="" dropping="" per="" cent="" from="" previous="" year="" traditional="" post-season="" analysis="" not="" managing="" to="" capture="" audience="" imagination="" similarly="" its="" parent="" series.="" only="" good="" news="" was="" figures="" grew="" week="" tell="" all="" episode="" and="" posted="" a="" season="" high.="" monday="" must="" have="" just="" been="" night="" too="" as="" every="" show="" aired="" new="" episodes="" on="" major="" networks="" saw="" ratings="" drops.="">