'the bachelor' is really hotting up as it hits week eight of the ten week contest, and the preview for tonight's episode shows that the main man BEN FLAJNIK will be heading to the hometowns of each of the remaining prospective women. It's hard to think that just short of two months ago Flajnik had a whopping 25 bachelorettes to choose from and it's been a tough task to whittle it down to the choices he has now - Kacie B, Lindzi, Nicki and Courtney. After last week's episode saw him send home EMILY O BRIEN and RACHEL TRUEHART, the winemaker wrote on his blog for People "My feelings for Kacie, Nicki, Lindzi and Courtney were the strongest. More than anything, I was completely thrilled that they wanted to take me home to meet their families."
If that's the case then he's going to face an even tougher choice to pick just three to go through to the next stage, and if the ABC preview trailer is anything to go by, it suggests that his visits didn't go entirely smoothly, reports Digital Spy UK. Stating that "Family is super important to me and I need a parent's approval before I go through with this to the very end," the bachelor finds that such a scenario might not necessarily be a successful one, with one bachelorette's father stating that he wouldn't approve of a marriage right now.
Flajnik's first trip tonight will be to see Lindzi in Florida where he'll spend time at the family farm house in Ocala, then he goes to Tennessee to meet Kacie B who chooses to greet him with a marching band, as you do. In Texas Nicki conforms to stereotype and dresses him as a cowboy before a final date in Arizona with Courtney whose mother is sceptical of her daughter's feelings. We don't envy him having to pick between them.