the bachelor is reaching its critical stages and last night's show was the toughest yet for the man in charge of picking his perfect bachelorette, as Ben Flajnik visited the homes of the four remaining ladies, Kacie B, Lindzi, Nicki and Courtney. Just short of two months ago Flajnik had a whopping 25 bachelorettes to choose from and it's been a tough task to whittle it down. Last week's episode saw him send home Emily and Rachel, the winemaker then writing on his blog for People magazine, "My feelings for Kacie, Nicki, Lindzi and Courtney were the strongest. More than anything, I was completely thrilled that they wanted to take me home to meet their families."

Last night though he found that the reality of meeting those families was tougher than he could've possibly imagined - and ultimately it was Kacie's clan's reluctance to take to him that saw her booted out of the competition, leaving just three going into the final two weeks. It was looking ominous from the off, reports the UK's Daily Mail, when Kacie's father took Ben aside and said "Don't rush into anything. I don't want to see anybody get hurt," continuing "If Kacie is not the one, I would hope that that would be communicated to her very soon to prevent her from getting hurt anymore."

Her mother too wasn't keen, stating "I would be a little disappointed if you decided to live together before marriage," before her father put his foot down and stated "If he was to ask me if he could marry you I would probably say at this point no." That coupled with the fact that neither of them drank alcohol, meant the writing was on the wall for Kacie and winemaker Ben, and it was she who received the rose at the end of the night.