Episode 8 of the current season of the bachelor aired last night and the theme of this week's ABC show was 'Hometown Dates', in which the bachelor (in this case Ben Flajnik - visits the hometowns and the fathers of the women that he is considering as a potential wife.
Writing a blog about the episode for People magazine, Flajnik explains that he was incredibly nervous about filming this episode of the show, saying that the "feelings of love were brewing" not just for one of the contestants but apparently for all of them. Lindzi appears to have been one of his favourites and the Bachelor confessed that he "began to fall hard for her" after meeting her parents, who reminded him of his own mother and father. The date with Kacie's parents didn't go as well, as felt as though he was a disappointment to them, with their traditional views on life. Texas was another high point, because Ben loves the state and was nervous about meeting Nicki's folks.
It was the date in Scottsdale Arizona with Courtney and her family, though, that really got Ben nervous. He writes that he has "real feelings" for Courtney, despite having taken on board the other girls' criticisms of her personality. Courtney has told Ben that she loves him, so he kept her in the show, sending Kacie home instead. He'd made a promise to Kacie's father that he wouldn't string her along, so decided to stick to it. He sums up the events so far by saying "Man, this has been a roller coaster."