The Avett Brothers star Bob Crawford spent months "living in a hospital" to care for his young daughter after she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, according to his bandmate Scott Avett.
Hallie Crawford suffered a seizure in August (11) and fell into a coma, and doctors subsequently told her family she had a brain tumour.
The bassist scaled back his working commitments to tend to his daughter, who underwent two operations in a month, and Avett reveals Crawford and his wife have barely left Hallie's side during her health battle.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Their daughter and them have returned home. She's not in the clear at all; she still receives treatment, but she's home and they're stationary, and that was a big milestone for the journey. They'd been in hospital for nine months, literally. So Bob would come out and play shows, or he'd be living in a hospital, literally.
"Insane. And the wear on a person mentally, just to see someone they love go through that as well is just a strain, personally, on your individual self. It's just massive for him, his wife and Hallie's mother and Hallie. It's imperative that we keep our heads up and push through and do we what we do. And we're doing it, you know."