The Avengers star turned to music when he was a struggling actor and he recently took a break to work on his songs. However, he is not sure he is ready for the public to hear them.

"I started playing drums and then I wanted to write songs, so I learned piano and guitar, because also I was broke as an actor, so I didn't have electricity," he told Live! with Kelly and Michael on Wednesday. "You don't have to plug in a guitar or a piano. So that's why I learned how to play music."

"I took a break for, like, five or six months and recorded an album," he continued. "I'm just trying to decide if I'm going to release it or not. I did music for myself and maybe I'll let my mom listen to it or something. Maybe I'll release it, I'm not sure."

Another hobby Jeremy is passionate about is decorating and renovating houses. However, the process hasn't always been smooth for the 45-year-old.

"(I've renovated) 26 homes," he added. "It's kept me busy. I think the last one I did is the one I'm living in right now... I live in the houses while I'm (renovating) them... It's terrible. You can save a lot of money doing that, but I had no running water, no electricity, so I had to go brush my teeth at Starbucks or something... It's a life."