Iron Man 3 opens in North America this weekend after already taking in $308 million overseas. With that kind of momentum, analysts say, the Disney/Marvel sequel could very well take in close to $200 million domestically and may even beat the $207 million benchmark set by The Avengers over the same weekend a year ago. (According to online ticket sellers Fandango, the movie is raking in about what The Avengers did in presales a year ago.) Most industry forecasters are not predicting that Iron Man 3 will exceed The Avengers' take; most figure it to earn around $165 to $185 million. But Ray Subers of points out With very few exceptions, the third entry in an ongoing franchise winds up grossing less than its predecessor, no matter how well-liked the predecessor was. He's predicting it will earn $177 million. No other film at the box office is likely to earn even $10 million, he indicated.