British rockers The Automatic are breathing a sigh of relief after a recent plane journey almost ended in tragedy. The MONSTER hitmakers were flying from London's Heathrow airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle when their aircraft suffered severe turbulence in bad weather and plunged towards the ground. Drummer IWAN GRIFFITHS says, "As it is I've got a thing about planes as a high ratio of musicians die in planes - including GLEN MILLER and Buddy Holly... then we had this dodgy flight. "We were meant to get the train to Paris but missed it, so we had to fly even though the weather was horrific. "Our guitarist, FROST, was throwing up in a sick bag then there was weightlessness in the cabin. "My drink hovered above me long enough for me to gasp , 'Oh My God,' and then it went over my lap. It was boiling hot. "It was so windy the plane couldn't even land. Everyone went silent. I thought that was it."