Rock newcomers The Automatic are such huge fans of David Hasselhoff, they bought every copy of his new single they could find to push it up the charts. The group, who scored a massive UK hit with their song MONSTER earlier this year, recently admitted they had a shrine to the Baywatch actor in all their dressing rooms on tour. And when they heard he was releasing pop track JUMP IN MY CAR, they did everything they could to get it to number one. Drummer IWAN GRIFFITHS says, "We went into Virgin in Bristol and emptied the shelf! We always talk the talk about Hasselhoff so we reckoned it was time to walk the walk too. "To be honest, it only set us back 30 quid (pounds) so it was no big deal. "We were really pleased it got to number three. He's such a nice guy and a real showman. He doesn't take himself seriously and I really like that trait." The Automatic hope their generous gesture may even secure a collaboration with the pop star. Griffiths adds, "He knows we're fans. We'd love to perform live with him sometime. We could be the backing singers in Jump In My Car. We could be the girls in the video."