The Ataris drummer Rob Felicetti has shut down reports his alleged drink and drug problems were to blame for a feud that broke out onstage last week (06Oct12), insisting frontman Kris Roe was just looking for any excuse to lash out at him.

The Boys of Summer stars were performing their song Your Boyfriend Sucks at a gig in New Jersey last Saturday (06Oct12) when Roe lost his temper and hurled his guitar at Felicetti, before dismantling his drumkit and throwing pieces around the stage.

Roe told the stunned crowd he was frustrated by the musician's poor performance, and in a later apology video to fans he hinted that Felicetti had addiction issues.

The drummer, who admits to having an "off night" at the show, has now spoken out to set the record straight, insisting he has no drink or drug problems. He accuses Roe of inventing the lie to rationalise his onstage meltdown.

Speaking to, he says, "(His) actions were petty, uncalled for, inexcusable, immature, and an embarrassment... Never have I felt more violated or betrayed by someone I once called a friend."

The rocker also reveals he plans on quitting the band.

After the onstage meltdown, Roe continued The Ataris tour as a solo artist.