Ian Stringer, a software sales manger, has become the third contestant to be fired on The Apprentice.

Prior to the show, 26-year-old Stringer had stressed his business credentials, writing on the BBC website: "There are two kinds of people in the world: winners and ... I don't know how to spell the other word. I can't say it."

But after the boy's Renaissance team made less money than the Alpha girl's team in the restaurant-running task, project manager Stringer was shown the door by Sir Alan Sugar.

Though the boys took more money for their Italian cuisine than the girls' Bollywood-themed menu, they also spent more, meaning that their total profit was less than the girls.

"You went out and took £844, you actually worked hard, you were beavering away, and what was the end result? Nothing really because you made fatal errors, that's what annoys me," said Sir Alan in the boardroom climax of Wednesday night's show.

Blackpool-born Stringer was the contestant fired, despite head chef Kevin Shaw attempting to call a latte coffee "a dessert" and creating a testy atmosphere among the boys' team with his constant shouting.

Though Stinger admitted to being "pretty gutted", he added: "I absolutely think I'm a winner - no question."

He continued: "I do have talent, which helps. As a sports broadcaster I have talent to fall back on. My feet are firmly planted on the floor. I have no dying wish to end up on the red carpet."

Stringer picked Alex Wotherspoon and Lee McQueen as his picks to win the latest series of the popular BBC1 show.

10/04/2008 08:21:16