Science teacher Noorul Choudhury has become the latest contestant to be fired from the current series of The Apprentice.

The 33-year-old got the boot from the BBC1 show having been accused of trying to "escape under the radar" by Sir Alan Sugar.

While both teams made a loss on their valuation and sales task, the Empire team led by Ben Clarke lost almost £200 more than Philip Taylor's Ignite group.

Ben was criticised for his lack of fighting spirit in the task while Debra Barr was shouted down by Sir Alan after her tone towards his assistant Nick Hewer.

"Excuse me! You find another way to express yourself," he told Barr. "Stop talking to [Nick] like he is a second class citizen. Do you understand?"

But while Sir Alan feared for Clarke's future on the show and warned Barr about her "mouth", he chose to fire Choudhury.

Following his sacking, the Rochdale teacher said he had been inaccurately portrayed as quiet on the show.

"I was really upset by that whole thing. The way I see it was that it was a character assassination," he told Metro.

"They didn't show my true reflection. I'm very bolshy, cocky, arrogant and pompous and I'll stand by that. In week one I do come across at the forefront but from then on I don't know what happens.

"I just drift into the background. There are even times when they show me speaking but nothing comes out. It's just poorly edited."

30/04/2009 00:05:16