Kimberley Davis has become the latest contestant fired from the new series of The Apprentice.

The 33-year-old got the boot from the BBC1 after failing an advertising task and taking Lorraine Tighe and Phillip Taylor into the boardroom with her.

Team Empire's 'Treasure Flakes' advert, with Kate Walsh leading the group, was praised by Sir Alan Sugar, while Davis' Ignite team were slammed for their 'Wake Up Call' ad, which featured a character called 'Pants Man'.

Sir Alan's aide Nick Hewer told the Ignite trio in the boardroom they had taken "logic and tortured it until it screamed" with their advertising campaign.

Their failure to agree on a direction for the task saw them left with insufficient time to design their cereal box idea, with designers forced to create a bland cartoon at the last minute.

As he made Davis the fifth contestant to be fired, Sir Alan told her: "Kimberley, you have a marketing background, you should have really walked this thing – you're the most qualified.

"The rotten idea was the rotten core in the beginning. And Philip, [you were] very cocksure."

He went on: "People that bulldoze ideas through is not what I'm looking for.

"Lorraine because you haven't been a team leader before I'm going to let you stay. Kimberly – You're fired!"

After her firing, Davis commented: "I think that Sir Alan definitely fired the wrong person today and he will see.

"If Sir Alan doesn't want me to be his apprentice I'm hurt and upset but there's nothing I can do about it so I'll find something else to do and I'll make the most of that."

22/04/2009 23:41:18