Lucinda Ledgerwood has become the latest contestant fired from The Apprentice after being dubbed "too zany" by Sir Alan Sugar.

The risk analyst was shown the door following the interview stage of the competition, after enduring a grilling from Sir Alan's business friends such as Karen Brady and Paul Kemsley.

And with the 32-year-old having failed to impress the interviewers or the Amstrad boss, she became the 12th contestant fired, setting up a four-way final next week.

"Interestingly enough, your colleagues said you were very good, yet it seems that when you're not in charge it falls apart," Sir Alan told her while passing judgement in the boardroom.

"In my company I'd be in charge. Are you going to fall apart or be despondent?"

And with that Ledgerwood, famed for her colourful outfits on the show, was given the boot, leaving Lee McQueen, Alex Wotherspoon, Claire Young and Helene Speight to fight it out in next week's final for the £100,000 prize.

"I'm going to let you all stay," Sir Alan explained, after criticising Young's abrasiveness, Speight and Wotherspoon's failure to show their best qualities and McQueen's fudging of details on his CV.

"The reason is because you're all very good candidates," he added.

"You've all got something about you. All four of you are in the final."

In her exit interview with the BBC, Ledgerwood picked McQueen as her favourite to win.

"He's got a wee bit of work to do and he's aware of that," she continued.

"He's wonderful to work with. We got on well on the ice cream task, and in Marrakesh, and the wedding task.

"We worked beautifully till Alex came along and then it went wrong," she added.

05/06/2008 08:34:01