Philip Taylor has become the latest contestant fired from The Apprentice after flirting with a fellow candidate during a task.

The Durham estate agent and Kate Walsh had started a relationship while on the BBC1 show and Taylor got the boot after Sir Alan Sugar learnt of their flirting during a boardroom showdown.

Despite Lorraine Tighe leading the Ignite team to defeat in a task in which the teams sold new inventions, Taylor was fired when Tighe criticised his and Walsh's behaviour.

"I just think they were on a jolly day out to be honest," Tighe told Sir Alan.

"Outside of this boardroom there is a close friendship going on here and I believe on that day it did affect their ability."

The Ignite team had suffered a crushing defeat in the task, only amassing £1,300 worth of sales in comparison to the £4,501 of inventions sold by Mona Lewis' Empire team.

But after Tighe alerted Sir Alan to Taylor and Walsh's flirting, the Amstrad boss told Taylor: "I think I'm clear in my mind that your bravado and attitude isn't going to fit in my organisation."

Speaking after his firing Taylor, an early favourite to win the current series, said: "I'm disappointed. I thought I had the potential to go a lot further than this. Unfortunately I crossed paths with Lorraine and it was the end of us.

"Yes I've got a big mouth there is no doubt about it, but I'm a much better candidate than she is."

In reference to his much derided suggestion for an advertising campaign, he added: "I think [people] will remember me and I think they'll remember the Body Rocka [fitness machine] - but unfortunately they'll also remember Pants Man."

07/05/2009 08:55:20