The AM

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The AM with support from Maupa and Fi-Lo Radio - Live Review

The AM with support from Maupa and Fi-Lo Radio

In the beginning the six piece Accrington based medium growlers who flit from eerie and maudlin to riff heavy madness, in ways that Muse and to a lesser extent Oceansize are renowned made for saw a steady start to the evening. Debut single ‘Helpless’ evoked passionate enthusiasm from the initially timid front man David Boon, throwing himself into the heartfelt offering, as they gradually won over the modest crowd that had gathered early. The piercing Preston based jarring alt rock trio Fi Lo Radio were able to woo with woe a predominately indie crowd. Perhaps this was because despite all the

The AM with support from Maupa and Fi-Lo Radio - Live Review

angst ridden lyrics about death and wishing death upon people, the Black Fag and Husker Du influenced outfit somehow couldn’t shake off that indie feeling? Singer Jon Lee Martin failed to insert the necessary force and passion into his microphone trashing attempt at the close of the set, in order to convince us of his hardcore nature. However, on the plus side, their ripping instrumentals, terse lyrics and coarse vocals make for a captivating spectacle and their debut has the potential to be as disruptive as a brawl on Big Brother.

The dreamy and upbeat instrumental and quaint lyrics of ‘The Changeling’ taken from the debut album of The AM’s self titled EP, made for a melodic and pleasing beginning to the evening. Vocalist Michael Tighe was joined by fellow Jeff Buckley band mate Parker Tingred (Drums and backing vocals and a colourful trio of musicians, to produce a varied set of mellow indie adding a hint of country and folk and a dash of glam to brighten things up. Album tracks like ‘Spellbound’ and ‘Angel’ went down well with an appreciative crowd who responded to the honesty and diversity waking up to the sound of The AM.

David Adair