Eighties rockers The Alarm were forced to put their differences behind them for a reunion documentary, despite fears the get together would become a televised fist fight.

The quartet haven't spoken since singer Mike Peters announced he was quitting the group during a London show in 1991.

The 68 GUNS singer upset his bandmates by quitting after learning guitarist DAVE SHARP was planning to go solo and ignored a band meeting to "resolve differences".

But his former pals didn't see it that way and just thought Peters was "an ungrateful bastard".

In the VH1 documentary, drummer NIGEL TWIST said, "We weren't talking. We knew that if we didn't address it, something would happen. That said, I think you should have some consideration for the people you are with."

Meanwhile, Sharp revealed he'd be more likely to punch Peters than embrace him at the BANDS REUNITED finale, which included a band meeting and a one-off London show.

The get together was a hit, however, and the group were able to thrash out their problems and rehearse 68 GUNS and BLAZE OF GLORY for a concert in front of fans.

The Bands Reunited project wasn't always a success - the members of Frankie Goes To Hollywood agreed to meet but not play, while the stars of Squeeze and Extreme refused to even meet up.

Squeeze star Jools Holland joked, "As long as John Lennon's dead, we're never going to reform."

01/02/2004 21:02