The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the group that hands out the annual Oscar awards, plans to present a program next week aimed at recreating the moviegoing experience of the silent era 100 years ago -- long before the advent of "Hollywood" films. On Monday, The Academy Is presenting "A Century Ago The Films of 1909 -- The Stars Are Born," followed on Tuesday by "A Century Ago The First Films of Mary Pickford." The films will be accompanied live by Michael Mortilla and projected by Joe Rinauldo, using a hand-cranked 1909 Nicholas Power Co. Model 6 Cameragraph. Like the cameramen who filmed the movies, Rinauldo will attempt to achieve the silent film speed of 16 frames per second (the rate was increased to 24 frames with the advent of sound). "It was an art of pride," Rinauldo told today's (Wednesday) Los Angeles Times . "The frame rate is kind of a tricky thing."