Thandie Newton felt her "life draining away" while filming '2012'.

The British actress admits the disaster movie, which tells the tale of the end of the world, was fun to make but claims she did feel like a "puppet".

She said: "There was a lot of blue-screen stuff, and a lot of scenes inside the pod-thing where we'd have a tidal wave coming towards us, which was real, and which would somehow magically disappear when they said 'cut', to be rolled out again for the next take.

"The mind boggles. I mean, I love 2012, and I always knew I was going to be a puppet on a stage. At times I felt my life draining away. But you know what? You learn something from every movie. That's why you keep on doing it."

However, she admits to having a more raucous experience on the set of 2000's 'Mission Impossible 2', and highlights one intimate scene she thought Tom Cruise - who plays the lead character Ethan Hunt in the movie - was aroused.

She told the Daily Telegraph newpaper: "There was the love scene between Tom and I, where we were in bed all day. We laughed till we cried.

"As soon as he got into the bed, I thought he was really aroused. It was terrifying. He was wearing one of those modesty cups. And it was massive. It was almost more distracting than if he'd actually had an erection. Which I certainly didn't expect him to have - I've never done a love scene where that's even been a remote possibility. So hysteria seemed a perfectly logical response."