Thandie Newton has described her portrayal of Condoleezza Rice in Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic W as her 'vote' in the presidential elections.

The BAFTA-winning British actress, obviously barred from participating in the US elections, told she was pleased to have a potential impact on the result nevertheless.

"I feel grateful, I don't get the vote but in a way I've got the vote in a different way," she said at the W European premiere at Leicester Square as part of the Times BFI 52nd London Film Festival.

"It was our small contribution to the information that is currently available to people as they go ahead and make their profoundly important decisions about who will be running the country in a few months' time," Newton, 35, said.

Americans will elect either John McCain or Barack Obama to replace George W Bush as the US president on November 4th.

But Newton, whose portrayal of then national security adviser Condoleezza Rice is one of the highlights of the film, played down the importance of W in deciding the outcome of the White House battle.

"Compared to the body of material that is commenting on this administration, this is just one tiny drop in the ocean," the Crash star explained.

"I felt like Tina Fey or anybody who's making a comment through performance.

"In the current political climate things change at such a rapid rate, and a little Hollywood movie will not effect significant changes."

On the film itself the actress added: "It's fantastic, I loved it, I loved the theatre of it. I felt very liberated that Oliver wanted to do something theatrical and he wanted to be audacious, I think he actually toned it down a lot from what we did on the set.

"But it was also an entertainment."

24/10/2008 11:07:39