Thandie Newton has shared the first picture of her newborn son Booker Jombe Parker.

The 'Crash' actress tweeted an adorable picture of her cradling her one-month-old baby, her third child with her director husband Ol Parker, alongside the caption, 'Happy holidays.'

This is the first time Thandie has shared a full image of Booker with the world since his birth on March 3. She previously shared a snap of the baby's tiny hand gripping her gold necklace.

The tiny tot - who has two older siblings, Ripley, 13, and Nico, nine - was born at her home with the help of an independent midwife.

The 41-year-old star posted on Twitter at the time: ''Our baby boy is finally here! Booker Jombe Parker. Born joyously at home yesterday.''

Thandie recently admitted she found it hard working on police drama 'Rogue' while she was pregnant.

She said: ''Basically, I had two options; to withdraw from the show which would have meant the show collapsing, or to commit regardless.

''I'd seem actresses takes on meaty un-pregnant roles while carrying babies - Jodie Foster in 'Panic Room'.

''My agent also reassured me that both Claire Danes and Anna Paquin worked well into their first pregnancies. So - it was all going to work out just fine wasn't it?''