Thandie Newton is ''low maintenance''.

The 40-year-old actress - who has daughters Ripley, 12, and Nico, eight, with husband Ol Parker - loves beauty products than enable her to get ready for the day quickly.

She said: ''I'm quite low maintenance. My beauty routine has to be simple, speedy and effective.

''Which is why I love the new Olay Total Effects Moisturiser + Serum Duo because it contains everything I need to keep my skin looking and feeling good. I can apply it in seconds on the busiest days when I am doing the school run or have an early morning meeting and I am done! Perfect.''

Thandie tries not to place emphasis on beauty around her daughters, and thinks their very different looks mean they will challenge stereotypes wherever they go.

She added in an interview with You magazine: ''Ol and I have always talked about our girls' strengths, not their beauty. And anyway I don't buy into the idea of stereotypes of what is 'beautiful'.

''Nico is blonde and Ripley has darker hair and skin tone and in one country it will be, 'Nico, look at her' and then we go to another country - as happened recently in Nigeria where I was working on 'Half of a Yellow Sun' - and Nico is ignored and Rip is the focus of attention, 'Oh, she is so beautiful.' It's all about perceptions.''