Thandie Newton's kids find her fame ''weird''.

The 'Westworld' star admits her children - Ripley, 17, Nico, 13, and Booker, four - have never been really that interested in her work until she found out she was in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'.

She said: ''My children have been able to watch films I've been in for the past 10 years and they're not interested. They love me and I'm their mama but there's something about watching me on TV that they find a bit weird and a lot of stuff that I do is not really for kids, so this film was huge for them.''

Thandie couldn't wait to tell her kids she was in the 'Star Wars' movie and was surprised to see they were genuinely interested in her new role.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, she added: ''I was very cool about it, I actually held on to the news for two days because I was relishing telling them. I made them some nice food and we were sitting at the supper table and I was like, 'So mummy is going to be in the next Star Wars film.' And then I just went back to eating my food, and for the first time ever they wanted to know more.

''It was a great moment, and then my little boy who was then three he came on set to visit with my mum, which was incredible to have three generations there, and he actually met R2-D2 in the flesh and he didn't even know anything about Star Wars, he's too little to know, but that's how he met him. The guy who was controlling R2-D2 with a remote control saw my son approach and everyone stood back and he had a conversation with R2-D2 and they ended up with my son hugging R2-D2.''