Thandie Newton has become ''really good'' with styling hair.

The 45-year-old actress has revealed she started relaxing her dark tresses when she was a teenager because there were ''no products'' to help her manage her locks when she was growing up that straightening her hair was the easiest option for her.

The 'Westworld' star told Refinery29: ''My father has very fine blonde hair, and my mother has much thicker, denser, curlier hair. I had been relaxing since I was 16. Where I grew up on the coast of England, there were no Black people and there were no products; I straightened it because it was easier to take care of.''

But the star - who has daughters Ripley, 16, Nico, 13, and three-year-old son Booker with her husband Oliver 'Ol' Parker - has found going to the salon too much hassle, which is why she has decided to revert back to curly hair and has forced herself to get better at styling her locks ''out of necessity''.

She added: ''Out of necessity, I've become really good with hair, as most women with colour are... because when you go to the hairdresser, it's a fricking nightmare. Then my girls were born with curly hair and I was able to manage [their] hair really well and I thought, 'Maybe I could get back to what I've got'. That was about eight years ago. I've got my curly hair, and I can still blow it out whenever I want.''

And though Thandie finds going to a hairdresser a ''nightmare'' she loves how ''women of colour'' are so open and discuss any topic when they are styling another person's hair.

She continued: ''And you know something else? I just love how women of colour share with each other while doing each others' hair. There's this bonding and closeness that comes as a result. The conversations that happen when your back is getting hot between another woman's thighs. These rituals allow us to get rid of the stressors that I was talking about before. I love doing my girls' hair. It's 45 minutes where we're together and talking.''