Actress Thandie Newton fought an emotional battle in new movie THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, because she thought portraying a wayward mother could "demonise" her. Newton, who has two children, RIPLEY and Nico, with writer OL PARKER, found it hard to sympathise with the role of LINDA, who gives up son CHRISTOPHER to on-screen dad Will Smith. Speaking to the New York Post, she says, "Doing this was a real risk. I can cry that the movie is being appreciated because that's so meaningful for me. "I can't tell you how scared I was to do this. "I'm a mum myself. With two children. A mother to give up her child? How do I play this so that you feel for her . . . see what she's going through? "I was really nervous to be sure you'd understand her reasons and sympathise. I was frightened the audience would demonise her - and me."