Zambian-born star Thandie Newton insists raising a family is more important than her glittering career - even if it means turning down multi-million dollar projects.

The actress, who won a BAFTA for her supporting role in racial drama CRASH earlier this month (FEB06), was offered a tempting $10.2 million (GBP6 million) to star in Charlie's Angels, but turned down the role to concentrate on raising her daughter RIPLEY and son Nico with her husband Oliver Parker.

And she is adamant she has never questioned her priorities.

Newton says, "Films are pretty disposable. I tend to regret films I have done rather than those I haven't.

"Now we have our children through those early stages I feel a revival of interest in my career; I no longer feel embarrassed to have ambition.

"If I crash very visibly, I am comfortable with that."