British actress Thandie Newton finds it hard to get work in her native country - and wonders if her skin colour is holding her back.

The CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK beauty has wowed Hollywood with performances in thrillers like Mission Impossible 2 but has yet to make much impact on the UK film industry.

She explains, "If I said to my agent that I fancied doing a bit of TV I'm sure something would come up quickly.

"But as far as film goes, there's just not a lot going on and about 40 per cent of work in Britain is costume drama - AUSTEN, HARDY - and I'm not going to work in those.

"It was lovely that Kenneth Branagh did that 'let's have a multi-racial MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING,' but I'm not going to start campaigning for stuff.

"You've got to be very careful about labelling it (as about skin colour) because you can create controversy. In 16 years, I've never been in a WORKING TITLE film and I'm British. It's bizarre."

23/08/2004 16:55