Thandie Newton has confirmed that Mariah Carey is pregnant.

The singer has been the subject of months of speculation that she is expecting her first child, and though she has refused to comment on the rumours, Thandie - who has taken over Mariah's role in new movie 'For Colored Girls' - let the news slip during a television interview.

When asked about why she had taken over the part from Mariah, the British actress said: "I think she is pregnant."

However she quickly tried to backtrack, saying on US TV show 'The View': "Or something major is going on in her life, so I carried the baton for her."

Director Tyler Perry previously revealed he was shocked by Mariah's decision to quit the movie five days before filming started.

He said: "'I said 'What? You're kidding?' It's five days until she has to go to work, nobody does that. We have a deal."

Mariah - who stopped drinking alcohol earlier this year - pulled out of the movie on medical advice, amid speculation she was undergoing fertility treatment with the hope of having a child with her husband Nick Cannon.

Despite the couple's refusal to confirm the baby rumours, Nick has repeatedly praised his wife, saying she would make a "great mother".

However, the 'Touch My Body' hitmaker has claimed she will make a big announcement on 'The Today Show' today (28.10.10), prompting speculation she is set to announce her pregnancy.

The 'Hero' singer spoke to her husband on his radio show yesterday (27.10.10) and said the announcement will "enlighten people" as the baby rumours and speculation have become "too much" for her.