Latina pop superstar Thalia Sodi is following her heroine Jennifer Lopez's example by using her name to launch a line of sexy clothes and cosmetics.

The singer, who is married to Mariah Carey's ex Tommy Mottola, has created a signature line of lingerie and eyewear products, and she isn't stopping there.

Workaholic Thalia has also designed a new line of apparel and jewellery for American budget chain K-MART.

She says, "I have a team of designers and I tell them, 'I want this and this, take that out.' And then they start developing. I control everything - even the tags."

The 31-year-old sexy I WANT YOU singer says she's making the most of her fame now, so she can take a break to become a psychologist when she's older.

04/08/2003 09:13