Texas star Alistair Mcerlaine has opened up about his fight for life after a brain haemorrhage, revealing he was "pretty much dead" several times during his health battle.
The guitarist collapsed in September 2009 and spent a month in an intensive care unit following an operation in London.
MCErlaine has now revealed all about his health crisis, explaining how his songwriter wife Shelly discovered him collapsed in their living room one morning.
He tells The Scottish Sun newspaper, "To all intents and purposes I was dead... Fortunately the ambulance crew got there in seven minutes and whisked me to hospital where I was undergoing brain surgery within the hour. The medics' speedy response and the doctors' quick actions undoubtedly saved my life.
"I had suffered a 'grade five' aneurysm, which is the worst sort you can have... it covered my whole brain. My surgeon told Shelly that 80 per cent of grade fives never made it to hospital; they usually drop dead on the spot. And the ones who do make it into intensive care usually die there. So the chances of me surviving were less than one per cent. I was pretty much dead on more than one occasion."
The rocker reveals he suffered several complications during his time under doctors' care - and required several extra procedures as a result.
He adds, "I had lots of setbacks too with brain infections, which would mean being rushed in for another emergency operation. The problem was I spent so long in intensive care - a month in total - that it leaves you prone to other infections. I also caught pneumonia too and had around eight or nine operations it total. It was grim."
MCErlaine has since been given a clean bill of health - and he's planning to take part in the Great Scottish Run for charity later this year (11). He adds, "After three months in a coma and two months in a wheelchair, running has given me a tremendous amount of freedom."